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Native New Mexican
lover of a pristine landscaping -
Iram Simental and his staff
have an eye for beautiful terrain
with fair and reasonable pricing.

Iram specializes in
the maintenance and asthetics of landscaping.
Whether it is residential or commercial
he will surely keep your property clean
and envy worthy.
He is very skilled at tree trimming and
loves being creative with topiary shaping.

Simental Gardening does landscaping
from begininning to end,
including: designing from dirt up, gravel,
sodding, seeding, irrigation,
lawn maintenance and planting- new or transplanted
greenery, flowers, trees, vines in just the right spots.
They have the eye to finish any plot perfectly.

They blow out parking lots for commercial clients,
keep all your xeriscaping clean,
shovel your snow in the winter
and are not above hanging a few holiday lights
if you have a need.

Iram likes to start early and recommends
a maintenance contract to be assured
you will never have weeds, overgrown grass,
garbage, damaged irigation systems,
cluttered pathways or rogue tree branches.

(505) 967-2893
Call For a FREE Estimate