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Native New Mexican owner,
Christian based business,
lover of pristine landscape -
Iram and Yessenia "Jenny" Siemental
[Parents of six- Leila (9), Mariana (8), Miguel (5),
Elvira (4), Mauricio (1 1/2), Iram (4 mos.)]
and their staff have an eye
for beautiful terrain
with fair and reasonable pricing.

Iram started in construction years ago,
but while on a job,
all he could think about was the lawn.
It was too dry, so he grabbed a hose and
watered, watered, watered.
It was a revelation
and the beginning of a new career.

A perfect career switch it was -
Kismet, Karma, Providence!
because his soon to be bride,
Yessenia and her family,
had been gardeners and landscapers
for generations.
Jenny's father, a master of his craft
and stern taskmaster, took Iram under
his wing (along with Jenny's five brothers)
and taught him the ropes,
everything he didn't already know naturally.

When the time came,
Iram was told, "you are good,
you are ready" and he was pushed out
with the tools, a truck and clients
he had already been working with,
to start his own business.
How great is that?
Nothin' like the love of a father.
Excellent! He hit the sod running!

In 2015 Simental Gardening
and Landscaping Specialists
was sown. Has been growing strong ever since.

Iram enjoys the maintenance and asthetics
aspect of landscaping,
making the scenery look good.
Whether it is residential or commercial,
he will surely keep your property envy worthy.
He is very skilled at tree trimming and
loves being creative with bush shaping.
He does landscaping from begininning to end,
including designing from dirt up,
gravel, sodding, seeding, pond service,
clean-up (large & small), irrigation
and planting new - greenery, flowers,
trees, vines in just the right spots. He
has the eye to finish any plot perfectly.

He blows out parking lots for his
commercial clients,
keeps all the xeriscaping clean,
can shovel your snow in the winter
and is not above hanging a few holiday lights
if you have a need.

Iram likes to start early
and recommends a maintenance contract.
It is much more cost effective
for everyone involved
and more efficient in the long run.
He comes quietly
the same day of the month/week,
does what needs to be done at that time
and everything is consistenly
beautiful and healthy.
Be assured you will never have weeds,
overgrown grass, garbage,
damaged irigation systems,
cluttered pathways or rogue tree branches.

He can probably do anything
in landscaping and is always happy to do it.
It truly shows when your career is in your soul.
Iram is one such soul-full, jovial,
truly happy to be doing his job kind of a guy.
In fact, Iram, was called by Mrs. Trujillo to fill him in,
about a conversation she had with,
Mr. Sanchez and his wife Flora.
Arguing time and time again
about who had the better gardener.
Arguing about how talented,
nice and handsome their guy was.
"He is soooo good, nice, wonderful".
The argument went on for some time,
everytime the friends would see each other.
Mine! No, mine! Each had the best gardener!
Well, one of them finally said
"Yours does not have gorgeous bright blue eyes!"
The other said "But, mine does!"
They knew instantly they were
talking about the same guy.
Iram Simental.
A true testiment to how satisfied his clients are.
They love him! You will too.

Whether you are a business or a private home,
with gardening or landscaping needs,
put your best face forward and contact
Simental Gardening and Landscaping Specialists.
Afterall, it is what everyone sees first.

Give them a call to schedule
an appointment for a free estimate.
Do not forget to ask about the
maintenance package.

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